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Author Topic: LZ Racing on track screen caps  (Read 1578 times)


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Re: LZ Racing on track screen caps
« Reply #15 on: Wed Jul, 3 @ 04:07 PM (pacific) »
Teach me oh great one!  ::)
Do you have a higher res version of the one of us lined up in a row? It's worthy of being framed I think.  ;D
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Re: LZ Racing on track screen caps
« Reply #16 on: Wed Jul, 10 @ 11:11 AM (pacific) »
You will need a URL to put the full image right in the post.

I use flikr, it's free and easy, but there are plenty of sites to choose form.

Upload your image from fraps screenshots to flikr. Once it is on the site, it will have a URL. You will be able to choose multiple sizes all with URL's.

When posting, hit the insert image button, paste the URL between the brackets and there you go.
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