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Author Topic: How did you find us?  (Read 951 times)

GT0 (Alex)

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How did you find us?
« on: Thu Jun, 13 @ 12:38 PM (pacific) »
Market research. How did you find LZRacing and why did you decide to join?

For myself, way back in antiquity, I found the group through a GTP thread recruiting for a new GT5 league for mature, competitive, non-hardcore racing. Since GT5's online rooms were of such poor quality, it sounded like a great idea and it was. Been here since. 3 years now?
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Re: How did you find us?
« Reply #1 on: Thu Jun, 13 @ 02:35 PM (pacific) »
Same as Alex and I am liking the new participants.  I had a ton of fun last night and the track is starting to fill up :)
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Re: How did you find us?
« Reply #2 on: Thu Jun, 13 @ 03:32 PM (pacific) »
Market research. How did you find LZRacing and why did you decide to join?

I was looking for a road racing league with a "community" (forum/website) behind it, not an "über" community, but one that was not too big and not too small... lol that was racing Mondays or Wednesdays at a time that would suit people in the EST time zone but also early enough that friends from the PST could participate as well, hopefully utilizing something other than just base cars and tracks...

Not too specific eh? 

Well, after a line by line search in iRacings league directory I found LZRacing and the rest is history ... lol

LZRacing seemed to fit the bill, but I have since learned that you need a really nice pair of slippers to race with LZRacing so I still have to hit K-Mart and find something appropriate or they won't let me race... Wait I can't find a K-Mart, maybe Dollarama will have some really nice ones... I better find a pair quick.

That's my story and I am stickin' to it.


Torque Spike

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Re: How did you find us?
« Reply #3 on: Thu Jun, 13 @ 04:19 PM (pacific) »
Hey Sloan, Can't you go to Canadian Tire...they do have everything, right?  :P

Well, thanks to Sloan's great detective work, I just followed him here. He said you guys were a tight group, looking for love(oops sorry, that's the other site he was looking for) :P ;D Just teasn. Sloan did speak highly of you guys and mentioned he had lots o fun when he first raced with you guys. Sloan was determined to find another home and I could tell he was pretty comfy here(look he's already getting his slippers on) I too was looking for an "active" site, but not mega where we would get lost. Just looking to make new friends(to trade insults of course), turn some laps, and HAVE FUN!  Strangely enough....that just what happened last night.

Also, Does Larry always have that much gas? ;D


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Re: How did you find us?
« Reply #4 on: Fri Jun, 14 @ 06:04 AM (pacific) »
I was looking for some consistency in who I was running with, something that allowed discussion of what was going on, how to drive in a certain place, etc.  As age takes it's toll,  I have to look for every advantage I can find!  Also having a time slot that works is great....just gets past my normal bedtime when we finish so I'll use that as an excuse!  The way iRacing has the league directory set up makes it difficult to find what you are looking for and I think I ran across LZ in the MP4 section maybe, don't remember for sure (that age thing again  ;D).  Sunday at 8 pm EDT I'm not here soon enough to get in, but I did jump on and watch last week which I enjoyed.


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Re: How did you find us?
« Reply #5 on: Fri Jun, 14 @ 07:30 AM (pacific) »
In the beginning.......................................... ;)

 I was always a console gamer since I was a kid and got my first 2600. Over the years I've had them all. It was all local co-op back then because Mr Gore hadn't invented the interweb yet. ( :o)  Have always been a racer. While I had the PS1 this awesome race game released, Gran Turismo. Up to that time I was not a pc gamer, there had been nothing like it. I followed GT through all the releases and consoles. Always loved it.

 I had bought a PS3 and honestly had not done much with it. Due to the demands of being a responsible adult and the fact that there weren't many games that caught my interest. Played a little but not much. I'm in Game Stop one day with my son and I see that GT5 is coming!!! :o I had mentioned to my son that I had to have that. There was also a Logitech DFGT sitting there and I mentioned that I needed that too. (Of course you need a wheel!!)

 Apparently my son had mentioned to my wife what had happened that day. Come Christmas morning, there it was. The game and the wheel. (My wife probably really regrets that move now! lol ) Up until this time I was not much of an internet / online / computer guy. I think I had 3 ppl on my friends list and it was all ppl I knew. After playing through most of the A spec in a matter of weeks, I wanted more. I knew there was more out there.

 I did some research and found GT Planet. From there it was pure luck. The first thread I had opened was the same as Alex and Randy referred to. Read through a couple pages of posts and it seemed like what I was looking for. Made an account, put up my first post on the internet and was on track that night with some racers from the league. It was the most fun I had ever had with a game up to that point.

  Through the first 2 years we ate up GT with lots of full grids, members and good racing. Loved having good racers to compete with and loved the community. Then as console games do, racers started moving on, the game had become old and there weren't any new members to fill the spots. My buddy Alex for months had been going on about this "iRacing". "I don't play computer games" I would tell him and he would just keep at it. It actually was a running joke for a while. Alex would say "Well, in iRacing......." and we all started doing it. The last series I ran in GT5 participation had dropped tremendously and there was very little going on with the game.

  I decided that I WAS a sim racer and needed to move on from the console to a more dedicated group of racers. I took the plunge with Alex and Randy's help and bought a pc. And here I am 2 1/2 years later still running laps with Alex and Randy. Come to think of it those 2 have cost me alot of cash. :)

  As I have said, really glad to get our club membership growing and looking forward to many more years of racing.


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