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Author Topic: Note To All GT5 Participants  (Read 1623 times)


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Re: Note To All GT5 Participants
« Reply #15 on: Tue Mar, 5 @ 06:19 PM (pacific) »
GTO, I agree with your decisions.  I have received emails as well I don't appreciate the way they are worded or their tone.  I am also not a fan of people who are not offering solutions only complaints. 

There is a good group of people here and we don't want to turn this into your regular forums full of trolls.  Those who want to come back and be a constructive part of this group are welcome back, some made need to offer an apology.

This website does not magically appear and takes work to maintain (GTO) so we need to maintain respect.

Sorry if my post is condescending sounding but I had to get that out there.

Now maybe we should clean this thread up and start fresh. 8)


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Re: Note To All GT5 Participants
« Reply #16 on: Tue Apr, 2 @ 09:01 AM (pacific) »
Team Trans is reinstated upon request.
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