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Author Topic: (iRacing) Series 2- The McLaren Project 4 (Finished)  (Read 17445 times)


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Re: (iRacing) Series 2- The McLaren Project 4
« Reply #165 on: Sat Apr, 20 @ 05:31 AM (pacific) »
It is a wrap. Whoa, snuck up on me I guess!

1   Jonathon Cooper   237
2   Randy Cherry      201
3   Jeremy Wagner   171
4   Alex Tabony      108
5   Scot Crowner      67
6   David Dupea      23

Good job folks. This season was not the best showing for me although I ended up in the right place anyway, Last two races were fun but my 2 month break was not good for my skills :)

Thanks all for racing. Let's get some buzz going for our next season!

Sweeeet! It's been a good series and I had lots of fun. LOTS!
At the start of this season I had no thoughts of finishing in the top spot, I thought for sure Clip or Jeremy would have taken it no question. The way the season ended has been a delight, but Clip, had you not missed that one week, the final standings may have been different.
So hey, thanks for all the great racing guys and I really, really appreciate being able to be a part of the LZ crew!

Good Job Coop!

I would like to have been a little more competitive but Coop and Randy were on a different level this series. Hopefully I can get better and keep up next time.

Thanks Jeremy. It's true that us Canukians are quick, but I think you yanks will give us a good run next series! I look forward to it for sure.  :D
I will just have try my best and drive as fast as I can. - Kimi Raikkonen.


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Re: (iRacing) Series 2- The McLaren Project 4 (Finished)
« Reply #166 on: Mon Apr, 22 @ 06:24 AM (pacific) »
Official race went fairly well. Ended up in the lower split.

Finished 5th with 1 incident. +36 iRating / + ?? SR.
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