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    Time for some feed back for Series 8 fellas! For this series, we are goin to run 3 classes that we have run this past year to celebrate an awesome year of racing. If you have been here for a couple series, please leave feedback on which classes were your favorites.

    I would like to get the Old Jag back out for the Historic A Class.

    Any B class in which I can run a 458 is good for me! I also really liked the Low Powered Race Cars. That was fun.

    For C class I liked the Ultra Lite. Lotus (Lotii?) and Suzukis!

    This is NOT the schedule. Just my favs. Please leave a post with your input.
    And GT0–We are keeping the Formula GT idea for the next series. That’s gonna be fun!

    Ok Fellas, Here is what I’m thinking. Still a work in progress…….

    C Class–Ultra Lite Fight!! From Series 1
    Hp 197
    Kg 620
    Race Hard Tires
    Open to all Race Cars, Race Mods, and Concepts. No holds barred!

    B Class Spec. We have run many different Specs, thought we should shake it up a little and go with B class.
    ’07 Ferrari 430 Scuderia
    Hp 488 (stock)
    Kg 1350 (stock)
    MUST leave the power and weight alone. No, you cannot add power and limit it down.No, you may not lighten it and add ballast. The power and weight need to remain stock.
    All other tuning allowed, must change the color from its stock red.(So the pics look good!)
    Race Mediums
    Using the same car for the whole series. I don’t want everybody to have to tune a car every week.
    Up around that hp, we need tuning or it will get ugly!

    A Class Historic Race Cars from Series 3
    PP 600
    Race Softs
    ’70 and earlier Race Cars and Race Mods **No 2J. You knew it was coming!**
    Heavy Damage. Nobody wrecks these 20 million dollar beauties!

    So, C class from Series 1, B class to represent spec classes from 4 and 7, and A class from Series 3.
    Little bit of old, little bit different. And we will try to shake up the track selection a little bit this time. We haven’t even started working on that yet, lol.

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    I may miss the first race if the daytona 500 doesnt start till late tonight, hopefully I’ll make it


    The 430 Scuderia is showing 502 HP stock in the new car dealership?


    never mind, I bought it it’s 488.


    Aero ok?


    Gfacter: Aero ok?



    Thought we had a really good first night. The only connection issues I know of is Teelo got dc’d in the A race. On the short course, I thought everyone did a good job of being patient and staying clean. Couple of racing incidents, but that is expected. That’s why they are called racing incidents!

    Nice full room guys, I appreciate you coming out. Hopefully we can keep it up for the whole series.


    great nite of racing was fun to have so many guys racing hope it stays that way or even more racers to join

    p.s. sorry to crazy thought you heard or seen me didn’t mean to get into you in late laps of A class.


    I had fun last night. I came a bit unprepared but thats how I role. I had a few good battles in C class. I had a great race going in B class untill Clip eventually caught me and then I started messing up my line here n there taking me from first to 5th real fast. A class was hell for me. I started with damage, drove tons of laps with damage that I obtained throughout the race. I also shed off soft tires at a rate of 5 laps. So combined with the track and lack of practice in these cars. I had a not so great night. But I don’t jusge that alone, I had a great time. And I really deserved an a$$kicking in A class last night. It helps me regain y focus and to know really what a whooping feels like. Mudd, think of this…I was 6 laps down at Tsukuba at 44 laps. It takes RFLX 3 hours to do that to me on a bad day in a NASCAR. I told you these guys were FAST and knew how to have FUN!! Good job last night too Mudd! nice way of making a good first impression on these guys!


    That was a long night, I faired ok. I just need to work on my Endurance mode vs Sprint racing skills.

    Tried to move to fast early on and either faded, worn out the tires to quick or crashed my multi-mllion dollar car in the early laps. And managed to mis the pits so down 1 lap on lap 2.

    My only saving grace in B and A was hangin in there to the very end, picked up 3 places in B on the last 2 laps and 1 place on the last lap in A.

    Good to be racing again, I tried to let the leaders by when getting lapped when I could.


    yes I agree that was good fun last night for sure. I am starting to like these longer races as it give you a chance to make up time and be patient. The full damage adds a new meaning to the whole thing as well and I think it went great considering how small that track was. I did get caught up in a couple of incidents which changed my pit strategy dramatically. I had to pit on lap 6 and then I had no idea how to manage it from there. Having said that I couldn’t have caught raceca73 even with a perfectly good car.

    Great racing last night!


    The only connection issues I know of is Teelo got dc’d in the A race.

    that connection issue seemed to happen at exactly the same time as livtiludye joined. I am wondering if this had anything to do with it?


    Good showing by Mudd and dshsteeler. Good first race guys, hope you decide to stay with us.


    Good times! I am now addicted so you’ll see me again.


    Yup great racing by both our newest participants.

    GT0 (Alex)

    My race night was appalling… I am really sorry for those of you I bumped. I hope I didn’t effect your race results.

    None the less it was a lot of fun. Class A is brilliant. The 430 is a pig – a Ferrari?! feels more like a K car lol.. The GSX needs a decent tune!!!


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