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    Time for some feed back for Series 8 fellas! For this series, we are goin to run 3 classes that we have run this past year to celebrate an awesome year of racing. If you have been here for a couple series, please leave feedback on which classes were your favorites.

    I would like to get the Old Jag back out for the Historic A Class.

    Any B class in which I can run a 458 is good for me! I also really liked the Low Powered Race Cars. That was fun.

    For C class I liked the Ultra Lite. Lotus (Lotii?) and Suzukis!

    This is NOT the schedule. Just my favs. Please leave a post with your input.
    And GT0–We are keeping the Formula GT idea for the next series. That’s gonna be fun!

    Ok Fellas, Here is what I’m thinking. Still a work in progress…….

    C Class–Ultra Lite Fight!! From Series 1
    Hp 197
    Kg 620
    Race Hard Tires
    Open to all Race Cars, Race Mods, and Concepts. No holds barred!

    B Class Spec. We have run many different Specs, thought we should shake it up a little and go with B class.
    ’07 Ferrari 430 Scuderia
    Hp 488 (stock)
    Kg 1350 (stock)
    MUST leave the power and weight alone. No, you cannot add power and limit it down.No, you may not lighten it and add ballast. The power and weight need to remain stock.
    All other tuning allowed, must change the color from its stock red.(So the pics look good!)
    Race Mediums
    Using the same car for the whole series. I don’t want everybody to have to tune a car every week.
    Up around that hp, we need tuning or it will get ugly!

    A Class Historic Race Cars from Series 3
    PP 600
    Race Softs
    ’70 and earlier Race Cars and Race Mods **No 2J. You knew it was coming!**
    Heavy Damage. Nobody wrecks these 20 million dollar beauties!

    So, C class from Series 1, B class to represent spec classes from 4 and 7, and A class from Series 3.
    Little bit of old, little bit different. And we will try to shake up the track selection a little bit this time. We haven’t even started working on that yet, lol.

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    GT0 (Alex)

    It is set to manual approval, so each account needs to get verified by me before the account is usable. However your account should be active now.



    Same issue as Gfacter…
    Have some racing etiquette questions now that I’ve done a night with y’all

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