Official: Setting up Sub-Leagues and Races

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    GT0 (Alex)

    Official: Setting up Sub-Leagues and Races

    In order to be considered “official” the league must…

    – Not restrict any league members from competition.
    – Follow the overall guidelines and culture of LZ racing including no restrictions on aids other than SRF and respectful racing. (Altering damage and penalties is ok)
    – Consist of at least 3 individual races over at least 3 race days.
    – Must average at least 6 contestants.
    – Must not conflict with other pre-scheduled league races.
    – Must not strongly favor the league creator.
    – Must publicly display results and contestants.
    – No more than 3 sub-leagues will be recognized at any given time.

    Thats it. Of course you are not obligated to follow these restrictions if you want to setup a fun run, but these races will not be counted as “official”


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