Official: League Rules and Guidlines

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    GT0 (Alex)

    Updated the Rules and Guidelines. Please read and adhere to these at all times. Thank you.

    1. You are expected to drive responsibly in a way that’s not likely to ruin the racing enjoyment of your fellow drivers. You are expected to behave like sporting gentlemen at all times.

    2. No careless driving. Always show respect for your fellow racers. Be careful. Show some patience. Understand the limitations of your car and yourself and drive accordingly. Avoiding collisions should always come first.

    3. In case you brake too late for a corner or partially lose control of your car, but can prevent an accident by steering into the dirt, grass or a wall, you are expected to do so.

    4. Please do not use offensive language (including but not limited to swearing) in any of the chat or voice facilities. (Some of us have kids in the room)

    5. You are not allowed to use abusive language towards other drivers. This will get you kicked out without warning.

    6. The position of other drivers must always be respected. This means that the driver in front of you has the right-of-way to choose his driving line. The lead driver should not intentionally block you, but he has the right of way at all times.

    7. If there’s contact between drivers that results in the guilty driver making up places on the innocent driver, the guilty driver should immediately allow the innocent driver to pass freely to re-establish their position.

    8. If you have to slow down to let the other player through, move out of the racing line first before you slow down. (This goes for penalty time-outs and car damage also)

    9. It is the responsibility of the driver recovering from any incident to take all necessary care to not interfere with any cars still on the track and not part of the incident.

    10. All incidents will be reviewed by a steward. If you are found guilty, your points will be deducted and given to the other driver involved (this doesn’t happen very often).

    11. If you do not wish to participate in a race after you have started, you must exit to the pits. Do not pull over to the side of the road and wait until race completion. This is distracting to other drivers.

    12. Please keep noise to a minimum. If your household or racing environment is prone to constant noise feedback, i.e. people talking or another tv on in the background, please mute your mic. This only applies when conducting an actual race or qualifying.


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