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    Name: JT/All In

    Availability: Monday and Wednesday 5-11 PST
    Some Friday’s and some Sundays.

    Made in Japan, born in North Carolina, raised since age 1 and live in California. The original Ronin NASCAR Surfer. 42. Wife and 3 kids. Camp often, BBQ more and drink considerably less than in a previous life. Cars for me started with Tyco slot cars, foam wheeled nitro RC cars on grape soda covered parking lots and Baylands Raceway in Fremont. The only racing I took part in comprised of running around on public roads in homemade go karts as a kid. Followed NASCAR early on, LeMans and F1 today as well as DTM and I must admit MotoGP. Have camped at Laguna Seca yearly to watch events for the past 15-16 years. Family man, ex skater, California BMX champion (old man age bracket) and race car driver dreamer wannabe. I invest in my kids, family and believe in loyalty built among friends and honor it.

    Ran with Allen (Red), Russ (Envy), Mike (numbers for name guy), Dangit (all I call him by), John (Rash) and a few other dudes on the different GT series we ran as the AIWJT crew. We had a ton of laughs. Regular series races. Friday Night Fiasco races. Monday Night Mayhem races. Eventually breaking into an additional OGR series Rash ran as well as a series Red ran. Red even mailed out trophy’s. Great stuff.

    Well, looking back I should have jumped over to iRacing sometime ago (been away for 4 years or longer). I now see that the friendships which began racing online and have lasted until today, the time spent revolving around good times, is why I chose to race online with the guys mentioned above back then and why I followed them over to here. It’s not nostalgia I’m chasing, of a time when racing online seemed to be the best. I do reminisce because, man, I must say we had at it. But it’s being back at it, that’s what I’m chasing. With that said I have a learning curve ahead. So, until I’m up to par I’m sure I’ll have a ton questions.

    Oops. As I’m posting this I just noticed there’s an outline to follow for this introduction thing. I added my
    name and availability to the top real quick.


    Copied and pasted for JT.

    Thats the old forum, we are over here now.

    Very nice write up, Welcome JT.

    We are all here for the long haul, so settle in, get comfy and have fun.

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    Allen Reeves

    Welcome aboard JT! You’ll find that the group loves to joke around and have a fun time. But once that green flag drops, things get a bit more serious. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay here. I’m looking forward to renewing our old rivalrie!


    Welcome JT. Good to have you join us.


    Welcome JT!


    Hey interested in racing, but it appears my league join request is still in the pending process.



    Please send your request in iRacing again, I do not see any pending applicants.

Viewing 7 replies - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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