Daytona 24 2016 LZ Style

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    Allen Reeves

    Official race dates Jan. 23 & 24

    Hey guys, The Daytona 24 hour race is quickly approaching!

    I plan on hosting a test room this Sunday at 9PM to test cars. For those that plan on running, we need to determine which car we plan on racing. I’m assuming (this is not for certain) that iRacing will run the GT3 cars and the new Daytona Prototype. I’m not sure if they’ll toss the GT1’s into the mix or not.

    As a team, we need to first figure out which car we are all comfortable with driving, Determine the driver lineup, Find a setup we are all comfortable with.

    Best to start now instead of rushing near the event to get it all together!

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    That was 100% on the DP driver.

    We owned that split, and we all know it. They know it.


    We will do it next year!


    Hello all,

    I must apologize for my abrupt disappearance, my PC suffered an unfortunate accident a few days before the race. I am just now getting everything settled back.

    Sounds like it was a good and then a very bad race for you guys. Sorry I missed it, I am going to be continuing my quest back into c class or even d 4.0 hopefully in time for the 12 hour sebring which i think is the next big endurance race scheduled.

    Allen Reeves

    Hey Dan, feel free to run weekly races with us if you’re available.


    Yeah get the heck out here!

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