2017 S4 Dirty Dick's Monday Nighter

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    S4 of the Monday Nighter will include:

    Dirt Late Model
    Dirt Sprint Car Outlaw (Winged)
    Dirt Street Stock

    Eldora Speedway
    Lanier National Speedway
    USA International Speedway Dirt
    Volusia Speedway Park
    Williams Grove Speedway

    40 min practice
    10 min qualify
    10 min race

    I have not decided on a schedule yet, will update when I figure it out.
    I am thinking about going with fixed setups.

    If Rally Cross releases mid season as expected it may get shuffled in as well.

    Hopefully with fall coming we can get a bit more participation.

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    Season starts tonight.

    I know its not on the calendar yet, I have been crazy busy.

    There is a race tonight, I will get the schedule up sometime this evening.


    Well, that was a big flop. LOL

    2018 S1 of DD will have the new GRC.

    As soon as the content is released we will get a schedule up.


    yeah I had intended on continuing to hone my skills as a dirt racer on Monday nights but I got quite busy with the new jobs et al. I am mostly a dirt racer lately who dabbles in road racing from time to time so I will try to make it out a bit more often.

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    For GRC I’ll join in for some dirt fun. But I’m a road racer who dabbles in dirt, so I can’t do ovals…

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