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    It is time to open discussion about next season.

    No, we are not running 12 weeks of the Ring. LOL

    I’m not sure if any content is going to be released or not.

    So, let’s talk about it.

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    You got my vote. I love that car!

    Allen Reeves

    The Skippy is a fun car that puts on good racing. If we decide to go that route, I say we mix up the schedule a bit. Below is the current official schedule for season 1 with Skip per iRacing.

    Week 1: Brands Hatch – Indy
    Week 2: Laguna Seca
    Week 3: Road Atlanta
    Week 4: Homestead Miami – Road Course A
    Week 5: SPA
    Week 6: Nurburgring – Grand Prix
    Week 7: Twin Ring Motegi – Grand Prix
    Week 8: Zandvoort – Grand Prix
    Week 9: Zolder – Grand Prix
    Week 10: Oulton Park – Intl w/no Chicanes
    Week 11: Charlotte – Road Course
    Week 12: Mount Panorama

    Nice schedule! But I’d change SPA, Twin Ring and Mount Panorama. Questionable tracks would be Road Atlanta, Homestead and Charlotte. Possibilities for adding/replacing? Monza Junior, Barber Motorsports Park, Circuit of the Americas – West, Mid Ohio, VIR – North.

    Just tossing some options out there. I’m good with either way.


    The Skip is a different car in this build for sure…

    Agreed Allen, I would be in favor of ditching Spa, Mt. Panorama, Homestead, and Charlotte…

    There are a bunch of great track options for the Skip



    Skippy with a modified schedule is fine by me.


    I’ll vote for the Skippy. That car brings back fond memories of my youth when I was…..oh hell, no one cares… Yeah, let’s run the Skippy. I should be back after the new year.


    Team racing in the skippy

    Allen Reeves

    The season starts this Wednesday. Are we running the Skippy or MX-5? I know there was some talk last night during the Sunday fun event. How do you guys feel about reverse grid? We can line them up per Q session or previous week race results. Always fun to mix it up and I feel it would make for an interesting season and some great battles!

    I’m happy with whatever is decided on. See you guys on the track!


    I’ll miss at least the first week of the season due to work schedule…but my PC parts are scheduled to arrive this Thursday! I may be ready for the second week. fingers crossed….

    Since I haven’t been part of the verbal discussions… I still like the idea of the Skippy, or old Indy car.


    There will be a slightly modified season schedule.

    I think it looks pretty good except for the 3 tracks we talked about. There will be more details soon.

    I am good with the gentleman’s reverse grid. It is the easiest way to accomplish reverse grid.

    This week will be the official series track.

    Allen Reeves

    The reverse grid should make things really interesting. In last nights practice at Brands, it proved to be some close, tight racing! As long as the ones that start up front battle and race without rolling over, it should prove to be one entertaining season. I fully expect to see a new champion this season!

    Lets have some fun!


    OK guys, time to make some timely decisions.

    We are running the Skip.

    This week will be the official track, Brands Hatch Indy.

    35 minute race.

    No pit.

    Do we want random caution?

    We will be doing a gentleman’s reverse grid. What this means–
    You will enter the race session and run practice laps as usual.
    Note your lap time and position from the practice session.
    We will have standing grid start. When the race goes green, we will regrid in reverse order form practice.
    Once we are in reverse grid we will start the race.
    Also, since we are doing reverse grid, do not let the guy behind you go. Fight for every position. Otherwise we would just put the fast guys in the front. Hold your line, race fair, race clean. It is the faster racers job to get around clean. I understand that this will lead to incidents. We all have to accept that this is going to happen. In the long run, I think it will lead to more competitive racing and bring us closer together.

    As a side note to that– I think we have all gotten too concerned about preventing incidents. What I mean is we are all driving tight, not racing. That is why we always end up spread out. I know I do. From now on, race fair, do your best to race clean, but damn it, race!!! We all have to accept that things are going to happen. I don’t think any of you are dirty drivers or intentionally trying to wreck members. Just give ‘er and lets have a good time. I want to turn Wednesday back into a good time. And driving behind you guys for 40 min isn’t doing it.

    Also, Sloan has mentioned to me–Do we want to do a fully modified schedule?? (Not for tomorrow of course). We may be able to get some other Skip drivers if we go away from the official a bit. My thought on this would be– everyone does some testing and gets back with a track pick by next week. Short tracks that keep the racing tight. If we decide we want to do this we can talk about it some more. We could run some practice rooms during the week and do some promoting and recruiting. Hopefully pick up a couple members. Personally, I think if we had another 5-8 regulars it would make all the difference.

    So, I know this is late and we don’t have much time, but lets get it!

    Allen Reeves

    Couple of questions. After we sort out the grid I assume we will be doing a rolling start? Leader determines the start?

    The whole point of reverse grid is to make for better racing. I agree, those starting up front need to RACE….not roll over. Who cares if you get passed or hold up the field? Battle it out and get in some quality race craft practice. It will make you a better racer despite overall speed. Accidents happen. We all need to understand and accept that. I know I’ve thrown some F bombs out there in the heat of the moment. It happens! I’m working on improving that even though I quickly get over any incident. We are here for fun and laughs. This isn’t our paying job! I’m not saying crash the field. Just don’t be nervous to mix it up a bit.

    I have no issue changing the schedule line-up. Shorter tracks will make for much better battles for our league.

    Wagner, don’t tell me I haven’t been racing! I push and race damnit! HA


    I’m fine with shorter tracks. I’m sure one will be Jefferson reverse… or drastically different tracks. For example, New Jersey Motorsports park. I know it’s a tech track, but still it’s a fun track in real life and I think you boys would be amused by it.

    I for one have not been pushing insanely hard during races. I was making my goal a zero contact race…unless I was racing Bryan at Interlagos in GT1…then all bets are off! In open wheel cars, I’m sure we will end up with many damaged cars due to suspension contact. We’ll have to drink a little more and stay relaxed.

    I vote for no cautions. Slower cars on shorter tracks, let’s just battle it out.


    If anyone hits me while I’m racing them hard and blocking them multiple times into each turn I swear to god I’m gonna cut you…


    I like the cautions, especially if we are encouraging some hard racing. That’ll give people a chance to fix their car or get caught back up, which will keep the racing tight.

    Back in our previous lives, Sloan, Jeff and I used to run heat races with cars. Wanna talk about balls-out, show me your chicken skin racing!! Each lap was a fight to get to the front as you only had ten minutes or so to do it. Once the heat was over the grid would be staged in reverse order and you’d fight again. In the end the points were added up and they usually worked out pretty close.

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