2015 S3 GT1 World Championship

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    2015 S3, Here we go!!

    We will be following the official GT1 schedule.

    Track and Weather will be correct for each week.

    We are changing the race length to 40 min to accommodate the traditional LZ fuel restriction and random caution.

    I found that I basically use the same amount of fuel for either car within a tenth or 2.

    Fuel capacity for both cars is 23.8.

    Restriction will be set to 42% which allows you to carry 10 gal. (9.996)

    Max fuel usage for a race should be around 17 gal.

    Session will be scheduled @ 8:50 again to ensure we are wrapped up by 11 pm.

    See you on the track!

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    Allen Reeves

    Nice win last night, Larry! You had the speed and deserved it. Russ had great pace. But a few mistakes cost him. Otherwise he would had been right there racing for the win. Think I’m going to enjoy this season.

    First race with the rift! Takes some adjusting after racing on single monitor my whole life. I’m not sure if my lap times are off or not. But it sure is fun!


    Your lap times didn’t seem off to mem Allen! You were fast.

    It was fun watching you and Larry duke it out. I thought for sure when you guys bumped I was going to have a shot at the lead. Even though Larry came out OK I was feeling good as I was hanging with him. Sadly the pace was too much for me and I threw it away in turn one, falling from second to seventh. Dammit Jim!!

    It was fun being around some other cars after that, and man I was sure trying to run Jeff down!

    Crazy fun race last night in really great cars! Looking forward to the rest of the season. Congrats on the win, Larry!


    Thank you, I appreciate it. Don’t know for sure where the pace came from .. guess I like the car, liked the setup and have always liked the track. Sorry for the bump Allen .. I saw you go a little wide so I went for it. Speed was just a touch to fast to get the turn I wanted or I got on the gas to much trying to clear you. Strange that the replay shows me making a quick jerk to the right with steering wheel which I think was from contact with the right front wheel maybe .. not sure. We had some other corners where I tried to get you but gave it up in the interest of both of us finishing. It was a fun race, I worked hard and was very sweaty when it was done. Kind of funny how I block out all the chatter from the rest of the field during that race. Had to ask Jon what went on as I had no clue.
    Need to watch out next Wednesday as I will be a year older and even more coy!!


    Good Race.

    Lapping the Vette around Spa was quite enjoyable.

    You cannot push that thing at all. Just have to take it as it comes.

    Good win Coop!


    Apparently there are some weather issues with the new build.



    Wow, 6 posts all season! LOL

    Championship down to the last race!!

    Coop VS Allen

    Race for the last podium spot is between

    And Larry

    Lets have at it!!


    Woo. Good season folks!

    Never would have thought earlier in the season that I’d take the season win. After week one and my terrible finish I figured it would be a miserable season. But nope!

    I can only thank two persons and that’s Allen and Larry. Thanks Allen for not racing that one week! 🙂

    And Larry, thanks for the tips early on in the season. I could not have taken those wins without your tried and tested tips! Thank you!

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