2015 S2 Fast-Cars (Official Discussion)

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    I set the Caddy to 39% fuel for tonight. That should give you 9.3 gallons.

    You will need to put in 5 to 6 gallons to finish.


    Last week was fun guys!!! This format is definitely interesting!

    I scheduled two rooms to be hosted tonight for practice, one at six Pacific and one at seven


    Alrighty then guys…………..

    Couple small adjustments to race night to keep us on schedule-

    “B” class (slower cars)- Room is scheduled to launch at 8:50 which will actually be about 5 till 9. This room has been changed to open qualifier + 20 min race. Get in and get your time up. This race will go off at 9:30 sharp. If the session has not started by 9:28 I will advance it. This should get us done by 9:55 at the latest.

    Quick bio-break, grab a beverage–

    “A” class room is scheduled to launch at 9:55 which means it will be launched by 10. This race will go off at 10:20 sharp. I will advance the session at 10:18 if necessary. This will get us wrapped up by 11 EST.

    I know this moves a little faster than what we are used to, but we need to stay on schedule for us guys in the east.

    You need to get your practice in on your time and show up ready to race. A couple warm up laps is all you are going to have time to get in.

    The Riley is restricted to 45% fuel which means you can carry 9 gallons. I figure you will need about 14 gallons or so to finish.

    Also, Bryan has volunteered to use his Monday hosting slot to host practice for that week. Thx Bryan!

    Grid for the coming week–

    Row 1– F. Kody– Brian Smith
    Row 2– R. Cherry– A.Tabony
    Row 3– J.Steltzereide– M.Harney
    Row 4– L.Smith– J.Cooper
    Row 5– J.Wagner– S.Markey
    Row 6– B.Givens– R.Abraham
    Row 7– A.Reeves


    What the fuck?!! I’m nearly all the way in the back? Seriously? Jesus… I don’t know about this…

    (I’m teasing. I actually like this format)


    Technically Bryan…you are in the back… No worries, a couple well placed taps by you and I and we’re at the front……heh.

    I agree, this format is interesting and fun. It will be interesting to see the final points at the end of the season.


    Well, that was a couple interesting combos.

    Took all my concentration just to stay on the damn track. Which I managed to do with the Spec Racer, but did have an off track with the Riley.

    Grid for next week–

    Row 1—F.Kody—–M.Sullivan
    Row 2—B.Smith—–S.Markey
    Row 3—A.Reeves—R.Cherry
    Row 4–A.Tabony—J.Steltzeriede
    Row 5–J.Wagner—L.Smith
    Row 6–R.Abraham–M.Harney
    Row 7–J.Cooper—B.Givens


    I don’t mind a back of the grid start. Maybe I’ll be able to avoid all the crashing at the start. Bryan, we got this buddy. Another one two! 🙂


    What?/ I’m in the back again? Mother frakker!!!

    Practice rooms will be going up tonight. Oh, guess I’d better specify the time, since my crazy start times are just wildly unpredictable.

    6:00 pacific for the SRF, 7:00 pacific for the Riley


    I don’t mind a back of the grid start. Maybe I’ll be able to avoid all the crashing at the start. Bryan, we got this buddy. Another one two! :)

    Good luck with that Jon….


    Here is video of the beginnings of Oulton Park .. on Jalopnic. http://blackflag.jalopnik.com/this-is-what-race-track-design-was-like-in-the-1950s-1695735002/+nicoleconlan Interesting to see no cages, no fire suits, no protection for drivers or spectators!


    Very Cool video Larry.

    Grid For 4-8 —

    Row 1–S.Markey—R.Cherry

    Row 2–R.Abraham—A.Tabony

    Row 3–M.Harney–J.Wagner

    Row 4–J.Cooper–L.Smith

    Row 5–A.Reeves–B.Givens

    Allen Reeves

    Oh man, this is going to be nuts. Narrow track and a sketchy feeling car. Passing is going to be a challenge. We got this, Bryan!



    Fuel restriction for the HPD will be 44%. You will be able to carry 58.2 lbs of fuel, you should need around 96 lbs to finish.

    Grid for 4-15

    Row 1–A.Tabony–J.Steltzriede
    Row 2–R.Cherry–J.Wagner
    Row 3–S.Markey–M.Harney
    Row 4–J.Cooper–L.Smith
    Row 5–A.Reeves–R.Abraham
    Row 6–B.Givens


    Grid for 4-22

    Row 1–S.Markey–A.Tabony
    Row 2–L.Smith–J.Wagner
    Row 3–R.Cherry–J.Steltzriede
    Row 4–B.Givens–A.Reeves
    Row 5–M.Harney–R.Abraham
    Row 6–J.Cooper


    Grid for 4-29

    Row 1–S.Markey–A.Tabony
    Row 2–J.Steltzriede–J.Cooper
    Row 3–R.Cherry–R.Abraham
    Row 4–J.Wagner–M.Harney
    Row 5–A.Reeves–B.Givens
    Row 6–L.Smith

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