Reply To: Series 8 Discussion


I had fun last night. I came a bit unprepared but thats how I role. I had a few good battles in C class. I had a great race going in B class untill Clip eventually caught me and then I started messing up my line here n there taking me from first to 5th real fast. A class was hell for me. I started with damage, drove tons of laps with damage that I obtained throughout the race. I also shed off soft tires at a rate of 5 laps. So combined with the track and lack of practice in these cars. I had a not so great night. But I don’t jusge that alone, I had a great time. And I really deserved an a$$kicking in A class last night. It helps me regain y focus and to know really what a whooping feels like. Mudd, think of this…I was 6 laps down at Tsukuba at 44 laps. It takes RFLX 3 hours to do that to me on a bad day in a NASCAR. I told you these guys were FAST and knew how to have FUN!! Good job last night too Mudd! nice way of making a good first impression on these guys!