Reply To: Series 8 Discussion


I was along for the ride in B class in turn one, Racecar and Madison sling-shotted past, plus there was a car in the right and left and behind going in the the braking zone.


This is how I saw it in my minds eye, the actual footage may be somewhat different.

I got to witness some shunts in A class to.

Lots of spins and cars entering back on the track from the grass and gravel. It’s hard in he heat of the moment, but please inform the group (if you have audio) that you are spun, stuck or re-entering the racing surface.

And look for cars approacing give them room.

Lastly I swear my 2nd set of tires were not as good as the first set, maybe GT5 is getting too realistic? Or a full lounge of 13 cars just has less grip than say 4 cars like we had on Sat.

I need to up my game, I had a shot to catch Mudd for 3rd and now GTO is closing in. I could have tried to fend GTO off in the last few laps of A, but really didnt have much grip left and just would have ended up with a damaged car and the rest of the field whizzing by.