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About lapped traffic etc…..

I have been for hot debate on this subject in my NASCAR series. I for one do race leaders as strategy is the winner. Put it this way (well for A class at least, when pit strategy is involved) the last few laps of the race really determines where your position is at (technically after the last car leaves the pits after the last pit stop of the race is done).

Now let me divulge…..

If I am being tailed by the leader I choose to change lanes once per a lap. And I choose that wisely for instance at the prime turn on the inside lane. This is clearly within the rules, as you are allowed to change lanes once on a straightaway. Also if you are a lead car in a pack you are allowed to choose your own driving line and it’s up to the trailing car to make a safe pass. So technically speaking, I choose to switch lanes and block the inside line once a lap. This makes the leader who’s about to lap me earn it by being patient and holding an outside line. But this is mostly in NASCAR where these kind of things are a little easier to forsee. On road courses typically I may try this one or two laps at most. And depending on who is trying to pass me (lap me).

Example – If it’s lap 2 and I’m being lapped of course I pull over. If it’s during pit stops…no way am I pulling over, if you think your fast, prove it. If it’s last few laps after final pit stops, I take the outside line and open up the passing lane to leaders. Other circumstances, say the leader just is outright faster by a couple seconds I’ll never challenge them like I described.

Like I said I follow these rules more along the lines of NASCAR where no one is outright faster, lap times only vary by a few tenths of a second and then that’s all null and void when you factor in the draft.

And back to the reason why I said this is always a hot topic with me is because one time I was racing Indy with the NASCAR league. And I was in my pack with my team. We were clearly faster lap per lap but choose to do an extra tire stint on less laps (no crappy tires=fast laps). There was a lot of altering of leaders during the pit windows and we were in the lead a few times.

Well on lap 60 of 75, we caught the leaders and had to make a pass to get back on lead lap and keep pushing to catch back to them. Now this might sound ridiculous but my team is really just that good, actually too good. Well the lead pack was four cars driving 2×2 and we had a straight line of 3. When we caught them they slowed us down by 3 seconds a lap. We were like seriously??? Get the F*** outta the way LOL!! Now get my point, just because you are winning doesn’t mean your the fastest. So everyone does technically need to race the leaders but there is also a time in the race when you need to realize that you can’t gain no more and now you are hindering the leaders, that’s when you pull over.

Back to the NASCAR story….They kept blocking us, they were slower, and my team couldn’t make the clean pass on the inside or outside line. So by lap 70, we called it off and they won. But at the end of the race, the leaders were like “don’t race the leaders”, and my team was like “you guys had crappy tires and were slow as snails”, “you should’ve let us by ya”. Blah, Blah……Double Edge Sword.

In all – it’s a race, so everyone race were ever you are at but remember at some point you do need to realize when to back down.

And the rule in our NASCAR series is now, RACE and HOLD YOUR LINE. That is really the best advice you can ultimately give on this subject as thats all there really is to say.

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