Reply To: Series 8 Discussion

GT0 (Alex)

I really liked that track even if I didn’t do so well. Last corner *is* the track imho. Practicing on the next track was fun too. The first corner is murder.

As far as lapped traffic goes, I prefer the iRacing style… which is that it is up to the passing car to make a safe pass. On the other side, lapped traffic should never purposely block or try to race the passing car (you have already lost that fight). Lapped traffic should hold their line and not create a dangerous situation for traffic coming from behind.

Expecting a lapped car to pull off line or slow down is wrong imho. It is kind of like saying that if you are not winning your race is not important.

For everyone, that all means being patient in sections of the track where it is not safe to pass. Just because you are lapping traffic should not mean you blow someone else’s race/battle.

Just speaking in general, and in my opinion of course.