Reply To: Series 7 Discussion


I have done lots of racing with the new tire model, some cars are just faster and handle better with softs but other cars feel exactly the same with hards. If your car isn’t affected by the loss of grip with hards, hard tires are the way to go. But where I see the most advantages with hard tires is particularly on Daytona, Indy and High Speed Ring. But we don’t race Ovals so ultimately soft tires with an extra pit is really the fastest way.

Hard tires degrade a lot slower but lap times get too far off. I have been doing a lot of testing with nascars and super gt to verify this. And believe it or not Sports Softs actually are sometimes better to use. Zutalores would have to test that out because sports tires have been banned in the super gt and nascar series I race in. Sports Tires are like Superman tires now, so PD really messed up the tire wear this time.

But overall from what I hear is that they were down-graded so people who can’t do long races still have the fun of a pit strategy in a short race. Kinda stupid because we run a longer race. But it adds a little more to it I guess. My strategy is run fast as h3ll for 5-6 laps and get new tires and NO gas. This strategy has been playing into my hands a lot these last two weeks.

One of my friends has his super gt car setup with hard on front and mediums on rear. So it’s interesting to see everyones tire strategy before the race starts.