Reply To: Series 7 Discussion


I did say sry like 3 times after I hit you agent, I was avoiding the wreck and when whent to the right to avoid it I didnt see you and took you out.I did hold way off and wait for you to catch up, but I didn’t let you pull around me, which I should of done, I was just being impatient.So sorry for not letting you get by me, won’t happen again.

Initially when the wreck happened, I thought I got caught up in it, meaning getting hit from the 2-3 cars that were initially involved. So I saw it as a racing incident at the time and probably did not hear your sorries at all, or didn’t even know they were directed at me. LOL. It was just until watching the replay that I realized I wasn’t involved in that initial accident at all. But apology accepted. Sorry for coming off so rudely also. Was just a bit upset that I didn’t think you knew during the race.