Reply To: Series 7 Discussion


I got disconnected from the last race during the parade lap, didn’t want to rejoin to disrupt the race. Did anybody else get dc’d? Good racing last night tho. Went back to watch the replay of B class race since I was involved in some accidents. First one I thought I just got caught up in the cars that were out of control, but from watching the replay, pnasty, you completely took me out. Not sure if you knew but you didn’t exactly own up to it or give a spot back. Forget the spot back, but atleast have owned up to it. Also, racecar, not sure if you knew that you contacted me in that final chicane, which put me just a little sideways and unable to get on the throttle. Didn’t want to pass judgment on the spot since I play with my volume a tad lower and not sure if you contacted me or if I got sideways myself. But replay clearly showed there was sideways contact. Just thought you would’ve given that position back since the race ended right there.