Reply To: Series 7 Discussion


I kind of agree with GTO. Having a race long enough to require one pit stop is about right. This new tire model screws it up royally. I think something in the 8-10 lap range would be ideal. That would bring some real strategy into it. At that length Racing Mediums or even Racing Hards may bring an advantage as they may be able to skip a pit stop whereas Racing Soft will be faster, but require a pit. Once the race gets over 10 laps it seems like Racing Soft is always faster.

I was off quite a ways in A class last night. I thought it was because I had pitted 3 times and the leaders only 2 times, but I see Pnasty actually pitted 3 times too. I guess I was just slower than I thought. I ended up pitting on laps 5,10, and 15, but I think I could have gotten by with 7 and 14 only. What strategy did others use, and do you think you’d do it different if you raced it again?

Some really good racing in B and C class. I had a small incident near the start of C class and made it back to mid pack, but not quick enough to challenge for the lead after that. In B class it seemed like a few were actually surprised that we had a clean start. I ended up in the lead or close to it right off the bat. I couldn’t hold off Clipless and Pnasty though. I kept on their tails all race, but could never close the gap entirely.