Reply To: 2020 S2 IMSA MPC Cayman GT4


Updates for tonight:
1. Sessions are schedule the same as last week regarding practice/race length
2. There’s enough credits in my iRacing account that the sessions won’t get cancelled. 😔
3. We are racing in late afternoon into evening so there will be a sunset in both races.
4. I no longer have a button mapped for advancing the session so we don’t start the race while Randy’s taking a leak.
5. I no longer have a button mapped for cautions so I don’t accidentally put a caution on a road course.
6. If you use the setup I shared there is enough gas to finish either race (Looking at you Bryan).
7. We are starting reverse grid from points.
8. We are racing at Sebring International tonight.
9. I increased the grid size from 20 to 40 hoping that would increase the time to grid from 1 minute to 2 minutes.