Reply To: Introduce Yourself


Name: JT/All In

Availability: Monday and Wednesday 5-11 PST
Some Friday’s and some Sundays.

Made in Japan, born in North Carolina, raised since age 1 and live in California. The original Ronin NASCAR Surfer. 42. Wife and 3 kids. Camp often, BBQ more and drink considerably less than in a previous life. Cars for me started with Tyco slot cars, foam wheeled nitro RC cars on grape soda covered parking lots and Baylands Raceway in Fremont. The only racing I took part in comprised of running around on public roads in homemade go karts as a kid. Followed NASCAR early on, LeMans and F1 today as well as DTM and I must admit MotoGP. Have camped at Laguna Seca yearly to watch events for the past 15-16 years. Family man, ex skater, California BMX champion (old man age bracket) and race car driver dreamer wannabe. I invest in my kids, family and believe in loyalty built among friends and honor it.

Ran with Allen (Red), Russ (Envy), Mike (numbers for name guy), Dangit (all I call him by), John (Rash) and a few other dudes on the different GT series we ran as the AIWJT crew. We had a ton of laughs. Regular series races. Friday Night Fiasco races. Monday Night Mayhem races. Eventually breaking into an additional OGR series Rash ran as well as a series Red ran. Red even mailed out trophy’s. Great stuff.

Well, looking back I should have jumped over to iRacing sometime ago (been away for 4 years or longer). I now see that the friendships which began racing online and have lasted until today, the time spent revolving around good times, is why I chose to race online with the guys mentioned above back then and why I followed them over to here. It’s not nostalgia I’m chasing, of a time when racing online seemed to be the best. I do reminisce because, man, I must say we had at it. But it’s being back at it, that’s what I’m chasing. With that said I have a learning curve ahead. So, until I’m up to par I’m sure I’ll have a ton questions.

Oops. As I’m posting this I just noticed there’s an outline to follow for this introduction thing. I added my
name and availability to the top real quick.