Reply To: 2016 S2 Formula Renault 2.0

Allen Reeves

Hey guys, I tossed together a lap at SPA. I’m not sure if this will help others or not. I’m about 1.5 – 2 seconds off the pace of the quick guys. So I obviously have things to learn myself. You can take the chicane in 1st gear. I take it in 2nd as I can’t seem to carry any speed in 1st. That is probably the hardest turn on the track. I completely screw it up in the video and nearly spin the car. Still an overall solid lap.

Setup in the video was low downforce – baseline. I’m now testing medium downforce which seems to be about .300 quicker. I’m also starting to tweak settings on the car to see if I can gain any time.

Hope this helps someone.