Reply To: 2016 S1 Skip Barber


Man that was a crazy race last night. The first 6 laps or so were REALLY intense. I could feel something building because we just weren’t getting any separation from the pack and I figured at some point something was going to happen. So I eased up on lap 8, slowed my run down the front straight and whamo!!! there was some smoke and spinning ahead of me! I’m sure it was Randy’s fault! LOL I know he was in it because his car was JACKED after it. He’s had all sorts of bad luck this series. I think its all gone to me because I’ve been doing pretty well this series.

After the caution I was behind Jon and Jeff with Sloan hot on my heels. Sloan fought hard and got by me. It was an awesome move and I had to really battle to get it back. I caught Jeff and we ran side by side for a corner or two but being the gracious lover he is he didn’t battle too hard and I chased down Jon. Jon can make a car really wide, that’s for sure. I’m glad he didn’t use his B button though and I was able to get by him.

Allen had picked up some damage and ended up fighting Jon really hard. I was glad for this as they were BOTH catching me at the end.

Fun race guys! Contrats to the rest of the podium.