Reply To: Daytona 24 2016 LZ Style

Allen Reeves

Good practice last night. Things I noticed with the Ford GT. It is slow on the banking. In the draft, it would gain on the car infront. But not by much. The McLaren drafting the Ford GT was able to slingshot past the Ford like it was standing still. I also tried pacing side by side with Russ. The MP4 would just pull away from the Ford each and every time. By the end of the session, I had the Ford GT rear wing down to 2. Which is the lowest possible wing setting for the car. This did help with the overall speed. But would probably create nightmares late in the stint as the tires start to wear and the fuel lightens.

It seems the McLaren is the way to go for the race. I’d like to hear how others feel or thoughts.