Reply To: 2016 S1 Skip Barber


I think it was Jeff that commented that the 40 minutes goes by pretty fast … and I would agree with that! Big thumbs up to everyone I was around last night .. hard racing but very clean. A lot of position swaps! My issue was I just tapped someone going into turn 1 which bent the wing and I lost a lot of speed. Out by myself I could go nowhere. Had to wait for Jon & Jeff to catch up thhen I could run decent behind them, give them some competition in the corners but give it all up in the straight. Should be good practice for official races with the exception you don’t know what the people around you might do where in our races , most of the time, you have a pretty good idea and a level of trust you don’t have in official rooms. I think the race craft level has greatly improved in the entire group. Just good fun to be in a battle with someone for most of the 40 minutes!