Reply To: 2016 S1 Skip Barber


That was a blast last night!!!! Allen and I both hit Russ when he spun. I got meatballed and spun it trying to get back around to the pits, but after the caution I was able to catch back up and run back up through the field. I loved working to pass Jeremy and Alex. I’m telling you, for me that makes it so much more enjoyable.
Allen didn’t pit to fix his damage, which ended up slowing him down quite a lot and I was able to catch him. From there I did my best to just stay with him and look for a good opportunity to get around him but he was driving awesome even with a busted car. I finally had to make a move and I think it took a complete lap to get it done. From there though he was right on me, and on the last lap we went through the last couple turns side by side! What a finish!
Great racing everyone!