Reply To: 2016 S1 Skip Barber

Allen Reeves

The close pack racing is much more exciting. It also allows those that aren’t familiar to being in that situation to better their race craft. The main thing is when someone gets along side is to hold your line. That line is going to change from the standard racing line. Track awareness is the main key. If you’re comfortable with the car, you aren’t even thinking about the handling. You’re just out there driving the thing. I always keep an eye on my relative to the guy behind me. I like to know where he is and if he is gaining. Another thing to keep in mind is that not all corners are a smart move to perform a pass.
I did notice at Brands (mainly open practice rooms) people would drive deep into a turn and then turn down sharp to the apex. That is fine. But when you have a car behind you, you are opening the door for them. They have the right to fill that gap as long as they hold that inside line. Keep that in mind and be aware of your surroundings.