Reply To: 2016 S1 Skip Barber



My Race rundown:

Started 6th, I dropped to 7th pretty quick, wasn’t too interested in tangling with anyone right off the bat. Had a few guys tap me in the rear, apparently this car can handle a lot more from the rear then it can from the front. After seeing the damage suffered by the cars who tapped me from behind I realized I needed to protect the front end of my car! Mike was pretty darn quick, I ran wide coming out of the last corner, Mike secured a run on me, we then entered turn one 2 wide, could I have relinquished the position? yes, should I have? maybe, do I regret pressing hard to maintain my position? no, would I play it differently if (when) it happens again? probably not, to be honest. I tried hard not to touch his car, we did touch however and Mikes steering got jacked, I am sorry for that Mike!

There was more than one occasion during the race my spotter called three wide!

I ended up chasing down Jeremy in 1st, eventually got by Jeremy after several laps. I could then see the pack forming behind Jeremy, Larry got by Jeremy and I could see Larry coming but as he mentioned he could not close the gap due to his front wing damage. Not sure if I had any damage or not. I heard the commotion behind me when the group of cars got tangled up, kept my head down and ran for the finish. I enjoyed the race for sure.

I do not have much to add that hasn’t already been mentioned regarding the race overall last night. I agree with many of the points raised. I would say though that I am a fan (not because I stumbled into a win lol) of this seasons format and the new Formula Ford. It will promote tight racing. If I could comment on race communication, race car drivers do not have the luxury of communicating their position with their competitors during a race. Not saying we shouldn’t use voice comms. but in some situations it could lead to an advantage.

It is the responsibility of the driver performing the overtaking maneuver to do it safely.

We wouldn’t all be here week after week if we weren’t interested in promoting a challenging, rewarding, fun, sporting (read: fair) race event. Race being the key word.

In the end sportsmanship will carry the day. It will not always be perfect and it will get messy and emotions will run high, I would expect and hope for nothing less.

Gentleman start your engines FFS.