Reply To: 2016 S1 Skip Barber


Yes, first part of the session will be pure qualifying which should help with gridding. Of course iRacing’s grid features are far too crude and stupid to be useful here.

I had a good race. I bumped Mike which I felt pretty bad about. Toward the end when I saw Allen eating up the space between us I made a little mistake and let him by. I was getting that corner wrong all night but the additional pressure probably contributed.

People may disagree but I thought the start and re-start people were too aggressive. Going 2-3-4 wide into turn 1 of Brands is not going someplace good.

But all-in-all a great night of racing.

I agree. I think it got a little aggressive, but I also think that is part of what we wanted to encourage with this series. I think there is a lot of three wide into turn one in real racing.

Again, I’m encouraged by the way people didn’t just roll over. It made the race way more fun for me when I had to work at it to pass Alex. I really, really enjoyed that battle. I only got by when he went wide, and frankly I think that’s how it should be. You may not get the good finish, but if you had a good battle then it makes it all worth it. Ok, it makes MOST of it worth it. LOL

Just a word of caution for us all: Battling side by side should mean that once a person reaches your doors you have to share the track and ultimately the race line. When they get there, whether they dive bomb you or not, you both have a responsibility to share the road and sort it out with as little contact as possible. I don’t encourage dive bombing by any means, and if you do it too hard and slide way out on the guy because you went in too hot well then shame on you, but even so, if someone dive bombs me it’ll then become my responsibility to stay wide and share half the track. I shouldn’t force the guy to the grass in an Unsbee-like fashion. I also need to remember (and this’ll be the hard part for me) that I can’t apex like I want because a car will be there on the inside.

If we are all aware, listen to the spotter, or even help the spotter by saying “hey dude, I’m here” we can have some awesome side by side battles. On many tracks a guy getting the inside in one corner may mean he’s hung up on the outside for the next, so lets not be scared to mix it up.

And as a final thought, wreckage and crashes. We should be prepared for it. This is going to be a learning thing for all of us as previously (at least it was for me) when someone caught me that was faster I would many times just give them the line and let them go. Not always, but a lot of the times. This basically meant that I was hot-lapping a race and avoiding any real racing. I think it made me less able to drive next to someone, which meant I was less likely to make a move on someone myself. This is part of what makes racing exciting, and I think that if we treat each crash and race incident as a learning thing then we can come out of the night feeling like we had a good time. This will be hard for me to keep in mind as I can get pretty mad about crashing, but I’m trying to do better and not earn a purple helmet. In the end (yeah, I said that) we will all come out of this better racers.

Oh I guess one other thing, I wouldn’t have minded another caution. I know Jon wanted one to get back in the mix and that if I was leading I might feel different, but I liked racing close with people. With the way the races are being held on really short tracks should we turn the automatic cautions on and let things fall where they may? Will that even work on a road course?