Reply To: 2016 S1 Skip Barber


My race was a series of unfortunate events for me, created by me, and executed flawlessly……by me.

So somewhere are around lap three I gapped out and had only my 2nd tankslapper in about 100 laps that I couldn’t save. This was coming into the last left/right combo so I slide out onto the grass spinning of course. I decided meander my way back to the track and waited for all the cars to go by to slowly enter back onto the pavement. For this I get a track cutting penalty which is 15s stop and got, well I already screwed around in the grass for 15s but I guess the intent is to ensure it is a 30s penalty.

I enter the pits cleanly to my stall (no tires or gas, all good) wait my fifteen seconds and apparently they dropped shot of nitrous in my tank because I managed to exceed the pit speed limit from stall 3 at about ¾ throttle, so another 15s penalty for this douche. So I pull into the pits to serve the penalty and holy titty hats I forget to turn off gas and tires! So my 15s penalty is probably another 30ish so I get out of the pits only a couple of laps down.

I almost claimed the purple helmet as the first headset thrower/rage quitter of the season.

Anyhow Cooper ended up falling back to me for some entertainment and boy did we get it. We were battling for 7 and 8 spot right behind Jeremy and Larry who were battling for 2 and 3. I am pretty sure you could have thrown a blanket over the 4 cars for the last ten minutes. The only issue happened when Larry and Jeremy got tangled up and I had nowhere to go but that’s what happens when you are that close.

I thought it was really a good time and my pace was pretty good (for me) but I messed up leaving the pit after my penalty and that hurt a lot. The short track idea is awesome because it keeps the group close together.

I am looking forward to next week for sure and may even run an official or two this week for fun.