Reply To: 2016 S1 Skip Barber


I thought it was fun!!!!! I think just one or two tweaks are all that are needed. Like setting it up so that qualifying is an hour and 20. Then we will be gridded in order and can reverse the grid from there. Wait. Wait. Can’t the reverse grid feature be used from there?

My race was eventful as hell. On lap two I was right on Sloan and he had to check up for traffic and I hit him. Ruined my nose but no meatball. I ran laps until I spun again and then I pit. By that time Allen had some of his trouble and had a long pit stop, so I was back in front of him.

That pace car hauls ass there!! I barely had to slow down before we took the green flag! From there it was tough. I got caught up again in another incident, the one that meatballed Allen again, but somehow my car was ok even though I hit one person and Allen hit me. I was able to keep going run really fast laps, like 52.2 consistently, and was able to be right there for the end. Just as I was figuring out how to pass Randy, Jon, Jeremy and Larry they all went spinning out of the way. I picked my way through and tried to catch Sloan but he was just too fast! Nice win dude!!