Reply To: 2016 S1 Skip Barber

Allen Reeves

No Russ.

Congratulations to Sloan for taking the first win of the season! Congrats Bryan and Jeremy for your podium finishes! It was pretty cool to see Wagner running in 1st place 3/4 of the way into the race.

This is a fun combo with the skip running these short tracks. Even though it can become extremely frustrating. Mike had his moments. Bryan had his. Randy had his. Larry had his. Jeremy had his. Jon had his. I know I had my moments. Missing anyone haha?

My race was pretty null. I started from the back and was just pacing, not looking to mix it up for the first few laps. On lap 3 or 4 I was running behind Sloan. I believe I was in 8th place at the time. Sloan ran wide going into turn 1. I decide to go below him to setup for turn 2. All was great minus the part where I completely lost my awareness of where I was on track. Missed my braking point! I got on the brakes hard turned in for turn 2 and ended up with a tad bit of understeer. I ended up touching wheels with Sloan. Thankfully Sloan was able to continue on with no damage. Me on the other hand was meatballed. So I had to pit.

The remainder of the first half of the race was uneventful for me. I was basically hot lapping just waiting for the caution to bring us back together so I could get some racing in! Yellow comes out, pace car hits the track and it took all I had to catch the damn thing within 3 laps. That pace car was hauling ass! Either way, we were able to regroup entering the final turn before the pace car dove into pitlane. The green flag is waving we are entering turn 1. Not sure what happen, but I see Jon and Bryan sideways in front of me. I lift, slow down, but have no where to go. 3 car pile up. Meatballed again….back to the pits. At this point I’m a bit ticked haha.

Back to hot lapping! Somehow running 5th without passing anyone on track. I notice Alex 9 seconds in front of me with 10 minutes to go. I start pushing to see if I can catch him. From my calculations that was running in my head, I should catch him right around the final lap. I end up catching Alex with 1.5 – 2 laps to go. Getting ready to take the white flag entering the final turn, Alex runs wide. So I stay low for the pass. I was really hoping Alex would keep it together until the end. Not sure if it was the pressure or if he just made a mistake. I was looking forward to an exciting finish with him!

Hopefully I got my bad race out of the way. I had high expectations this week for some exciting racing. Sadly I screwed myself at the beginning. Lesson learned! The Skip will meatball very easily. Either way, nice to see new names near the top battling it out for positions.