Reply To: 2016 S1 Skip Barber


OK guys, time to make some timely decisions.

We are running the Skip.

My thought on this would be– everyone does some testing and gets back with a track pick by next week. Short tracks that keep the racing tight. If we decide we want to do this we can talk about it some more. We could run some practice rooms during the week and do some promoting and recruiting. Hopefully pick up a couple members. Personally, I think if we had another 5-8 regulars it would make all the difference.

So, I know this is late and we don’t have much time, but lets get it!

Lookin’ Good Jeremy,

I’ll throw some short track picks out there now FFS

Circuit Park Zandvort National or Club layouts

Oulton Park Circuit Historic or Fosters With Heslop

Looking forward to this season!