Reply To: 2016 S1 Skip Barber

Allen Reeves

Couple of questions. After we sort out the grid I assume we will be doing a rolling start? Leader determines the start?

The whole point of reverse grid is to make for better racing. I agree, those starting up front need to RACE….not roll over. Who cares if you get passed or hold up the field? Battle it out and get in some quality race craft practice. It will make you a better racer despite overall speed. Accidents happen. We all need to understand and accept that. I know I’ve thrown some F bombs out there in the heat of the moment. It happens! I’m working on improving that even though I quickly get over any incident. We are here for fun and laughs. This isn’t our paying job! I’m not saying crash the field. Just don’t be nervous to mix it up a bit.

I have no issue changing the schedule line-up. Shorter tracks will make for much better battles for our league.

Wagner, don’t tell me I haven’t been racing! I push and race damnit! HA