Reply To: 2016 S1 Skip Barber

GT0 (Alex)

We had some enthusiastic talk about the SKippy last night. Everyone in the room except Larry said they they like the car a lot, especially the more recent builds. You all know I love any car that wants to kill me for no good reason so um… I lost my training of thought…

Larry said he would give the new car a try and see what he thought. I offered my car setup help because he might find the Skippy’s setup pretty complex.

If we do run a Skippy season I would suggest we run a modified official schedule. For example they usually have it on SPA for a race which is unbearable. Mike felt that offering a good alternative those weeks could help us recruit some new people to the league as well.

Anyway I love the Skippy and would be all for it. If it brings in new members, all the better. Thoughts?