Reply To: 2016 S1 Skip Barber


First off I would like to thank the LZ Admins / Brain Trust for all of the effort and iRacing dollars spent hosting our events. Thanks guys, very much appreciated! Please let me know if I can make a contribution to the cause for future events.

In terms of car selection for a new season, the faster cars tend to create more distance between our drivers, considering the various skill levels (me FFS!).

Anything beyond the GT3 cars is out of my weight class so to speak…lol, I could do some F1 or crazy fast stuff but I couldn’t commit to a full season of it.

There’s been a few suggestions thrown around which all sound good, my 2 cents is that I would like to stay at GT3 or below (above the Jetta and Solstice lol) on medium length tracks in an effort to create some tighter racing for all of us. Creating a series that may draw new members would be a bonus. Using content available to more iRacers may help this.

If we could consider a Team racing scenario that would be cool. With the right exposure we may generate some more Teams joining from outside of our League, but I do agree with Allan that with our current numbers it may prove difficult. However we did do it in Forza with what 8 slots? lol

Looking forward to the new season whatever it brings FFS