Reply To: 2015 S4 GT1 Championship


I’d like to propose a change to the format. It’s just a thought, but it could simplify administration and increase the strategy.

What if we reduced the maximum amount of fuel each car can carry to 8.x gallons instead of 10.6 and removed the random caution?

Here’s my reasons:
1. The caution is not automatic. It requires someone to throw the caution and to keep track of when the “random” caution will happen. This requires that person to concentrate on administration responsibilities instead of their own race.
2. If we reduce the amount of fuel allowed it would add the fuel mileage game to the simulation (see what I did there? it’s not a game!) This way the drivers that may not be as fast, but have a smoother driving style may be able to compete for a podium just based on fuel usage. Generally it takes 17 gallons for one of our races. If we reduce it to just under that, we’ll see people conserving fuel and other people diving in for a splash and go.