Reply To: 2015 S3 GT1 World Championship


Thank you, I appreciate it. Don’t know for sure where the pace came from .. guess I like the car, liked the setup and have always liked the track. Sorry for the bump Allen .. I saw you go a little wide so I went for it. Speed was just a touch to fast to get the turn I wanted or I got on the gas to much trying to clear you. Strange that the replay shows me making a quick jerk to the right with steering wheel which I think was from contact with the right front wheel maybe .. not sure. We had some other corners where I tried to get you but gave it up in the interest of both of us finishing. It was a fun race, I worked hard and was very sweaty when it was done. Kind of funny how I block out all the chatter from the rest of the field during that race. Had to ask Jon what went on as I had no clue.
Need to watch out next Wednesday as I will be a year older and even more coy!!