Reply To: 2015 S2 Fast-Cars (Official Discussion)


Alrighty then guys…………..

Couple small adjustments to race night to keep us on schedule-

“B” class (slower cars)- Room is scheduled to launch at 8:50 which will actually be about 5 till 9. This room has been changed to open qualifier + 20 min race. Get in and get your time up. This race will go off at 9:30 sharp. If the session has not started by 9:28 I will advance it. This should get us done by 9:55 at the latest.

Quick bio-break, grab a beverage–

“A” class room is scheduled to launch at 9:55 which means it will be launched by 10. This race will go off at 10:20 sharp. I will advance the session at 10:18 if necessary. This will get us wrapped up by 11 EST.

I know this moves a little faster than what we are used to, but we need to stay on schedule for us guys in the east.

You need to get your practice in on your time and show up ready to race. A couple warm up laps is all you are going to have time to get in.

The Riley is restricted to 45% fuel which means you can carry 9 gallons. I figure you will need about 14 gallons or so to finish.

Also, Bryan has volunteered to use his Monday hosting slot to host practice for that week. Thx Bryan!

Grid for the coming week–

Row 1– F. Kody– Brian Smith
Row 2– R. Cherry– A.Tabony
Row 3– J.Steltzereide– M.Harney
Row 4– L.Smith– J.Cooper
Row 5– J.Wagner– S.Markey
Row 6– B.Givens– R.Abraham
Row 7– A.Reeves