Reply To: 2015 S1 Let's Jet

GT0 (Alex)


Oran Park – South for next race – tested this. <50s lap times and a pretty decent track for the car. I think it works.

Mar 4 a few options still undecided.

COTA East - I am not a good judge of COTA since I do not understand any turn on this thing and basically hate all of it. In any case, I found it both very dull in the Jetta while still being highly frustrating. I would not at all suggest this track and car combo.

VIR Patriot - Too busy, lots of wheel turning and understeer city. Patriot is cool but not in this car.

VIR South. Ok'ish? I don't know but I got bored fast.

Auto Club Interior - Ok, now we are talking. For some reasons this appealed to me and I had fun practicing it. Not a lot of places to crash out but lots of places to make mistakes. Also mass cones to run over.

Auto Club Interior has my vote.