League Showdown! (6/22 8PM Eastern)

Sunday June 22nd at 8PM Eastern

LZRacing vs Rumblestrip Racing!

Race results: Great race with a good turn out. Thank you to all who came.

  1. Jeffrey Steltzriede – 25
  2. Allen ReevesĀ  -18
  3. Jonathon Cooper -15
  4. Ward Draper -12
  5. Ryan Wallace -10
  6. Randy Cherry -8
  7. Matt Quinn -6
  8. Jeremy Wagner -4
  9. Dave Chalk -2
  10. Scot Crowner -1
  11. Joseph Jones4
  12. Eli Esser
  13. John Dykstra
  14. Alex Tabony
  15. Harley Lewis

We have a challenge from another iRacing league, Rumblestrip Racing! We are going to have a friendly, clean race just for fun – hopefully the first of many. The main goal is to have some fun races with big grids – especially during these summer months where attendance is traditional down. As far as lap times go for past races both league are in about the same range. Clean racing is very important to the Rumblestrip racers – so even though we are all very conscientious *during* the race, please be extra careful especially since we do not know each other driving styles.


  • Hosted room with password. Password = lzrs
  • 2 hour session = 60 Mins practice / 15 Min open qualify / 45Min race

Cars: GT3 class cars

Track:Interlagos (verification link for random pick)

Setup: Fixed

Start: Rolling

Weather: Realistic

Repairs: Unlimited

Scoring: Each team’s total with only points for the top 10 places. Points for places 1st to 10th would be: 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1


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