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Join the League!

What makes a good LZRacing member?

Ready to join? Sure you are!

First, sign up on our site (the website you are currently on).

Then join our iRacing league -> Official LZRacing iRacing league page.

Finally, we have a private Teamspeak channel for communication during races. We are a very social group and TS allows us to use voice-activated mics rather than push-to-talk.

  1. Download TeamSpeak (free)
  2. Server:
  3. Password will be provided privately

Extra Credit: We have a strong Telegram group going these days. Telegram is a free phone app (also works on PC/Mac/Linux now!) that works very well on all platforms. It is like a Texting app or WhatsApp but more private and just plain better. Once you join the league ask about it and we will get you setup.