Series 8 – 2014 Season 3 Greatest Hits

This season we will be hosting 2 events each Wednesday and race in an official series race Sunday evening.

4PM Madness, hosted by GT0 aka Alex T. – 4PM Pacific

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  • Something different every week – come and be surprised, shocked, disturbed!
  • Look in hosted events – open to all

Main League Event – 6PM Pacific

Track Schedule

  1. July 30– Mustang @ Okayama Full — 30 Min, Open Setup, Default Weather, Caution (Admin)
  2. Aug.6–Dallara DW12 @ IndyCar Oval–45 Min, Fixed Setup, Realistic Weather, Pit Stop (SC)
  3. Aug.13–F1 @ Spa–Fixed Setup, Realistic Weather, Pit Stop (BG)
  4. Aug.20–Spec Racer @ Oultan Park–Open Setup, Default Weather, Caution (JS)
  5. Aug.27–Star Mazda @ AutoClub Competition–Fixed setup, Realistic Weather, Pit Stop (AR)
  6. Sept.3–Star Mazda @ Mosport–Fixed Setup, Realistic Weather, Pit Stop (RA)
  7. Sept.10–Cadillac @ Mosport–Fixed Setup, Default Weather, Caution (BS)
  8. Sept.17–Solstice @ Barber Short B– 40 Min, Fixed Setup, Default Weather, Pit Stop (JW)
  9. Sept.24–Jetta @ Mid Ohio Chicane–Fixed Setup, Realistic weather, Pit Stop.(RC)
  10. Oct.1–DW12 @ Donington National layout–Fixed Setup “iRacing Bumpy”, Default Weather, Caution (AT)
  11. Oct.8– MP4 @ Summit Point–Fixed Setup, Default Weather, Caution (JC)
  12. Oct.15–GT3 @ VIR Grand East–Open Setup, Realistic Weather, Pit Stop (LS)

All details subject to change, but this is where we will start.

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