iRacing Series

Official league sessions

  • Start at 6PM Pacific every Wednesday
  • 2 hours long = practice + qualify + race

Optional events

  • Sundays evening we run the official race together
  • Wednesday 4-6PM Pacific Fun Run
  • And members are on all days and times in various events.

We hope you will join us for the good times and good racing!

The core admin group has been racing together since 2010. The goal is a casual, fun league environment. In terms of competition, we are aiming for the 1200-2500 iRating range – but all are welcome – if you drive safe. We are serious about racing our best but don’t feel like you have to be hard core to be part of our group.

Our iRacing League page: League Page

We hope you will join us to have some great races.

A few things you might like to know

  • Private TeamspeakSee details here. We chat a lot and you wont really be part of the group unless you have a headset and join our Teamspeak channel. During the race there is less chatter but we still use it for passing instruction etc.
  • Custom Paint – Scot was nice enough to commission a professional paint for us. We will make one for you once we see that you are a positive member of our league and have completed at least a full season of racing.


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